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You are more than just another template.


We specialize in creating authentic and original digital experiences that grow your brand and strengthen your audience. We are based in Pickerington, OH and serve the greater Columbus, OH area as well as the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.

Website Design
You are more than just a template. We design your website to be authentic to your brand and as unique as you are.
Search Engine Optimization and Management. Once your site is up, we see you through to success with analytics, strategy, and research.
Media & Design
We shoot and produce original media for your website, marketing, and development needs.

Custom Designed

You are more than a template. We will sit down with you and learn about your ideas, your brand, and your goals. We build our sites to fit your needs.

Built on Brand

Authenticity matters. You have spent time building your brand and you know the direction and image you want to show the world.

Responsive Design & SEO Optimized

Your site will look great on all screen sizes and devices. It will also be built from the start with SEO in mind and your brand's audience as the focus.

Revisions & Updates Included

The world moves fast, so should your site. You updates and revisions are not locked behind an invoice paywall. We always include these in our plans and we are always ready to build and rebuild.

Managed Search & Strategy

We analyze markets, competitors, search results, and more all to keep you competitive, focused, and growing.

Listing Management &

There are a lot of places you need to be listed for customers and potential customer to find you when they need you. From Apple to Google to Alexa, you need to be visible and we will get you there.

Keyword Analysis & Targeting

We will help you discover your existing search strengths and build new ones with targeted growth and development.

Backlinks & Authority

Every time your website is mentioned and linked to, that's great news. We will help cultivate those links, connect old ones, and build your brand and website authority to grow your search ranking.

Custom Website Media

We can shoot original media to build your website with. You don't have to use generic art from the Internet. You will look on brand and authentic.

Brand Development and Design

Sometimes the best time to either build or revisit your brand is with a website redesign. We can help you understand your brand and develop a strong design moving forward.

Photo & Video Production

We can produce media for special events, promotional videos, headshots, and more.

Updates and Seasonal Changes

You site will not just sit still and wait for a new year. We believe in keeping your site fresh, pressed, and ready to go. We will schedule visits throughout the year and gather new media that matches the season and your needs.

Step 1: Planning to be original and authentic.

So much of what it takes to be successful for businesses today is having an authentic brand and story for people to feel in touch with. Markets are flooded with options and the pricing game is a race to the bottom. The most successful companies are ones that have developed and authentic approach to their business and have real engagement with their customers or audience. You absolutely need to consider authenticity when you begin planning your redesign.

One of the most unique benefits that we can provide for you, is that we will produce all original media for your website, your marketing campaigns, and any branding work that you would need done. It's a different approach to web design than what you may find elsewhere. With us, we are your partner through the entire process. The same people that will be designing the layout and flow of your site, are also the same people that will have that in mind when they schedule shoots to produce photos, videos, and branding documents to match the website's build.

We do everything we can to try and stay clear of using generic images from the internet. In most cases, you and your passion are your brand. We will show that off. Often times, your web design firm will outsource your media production or ask that you provide your own. We have you covered and will take care to make sure you look absolutely great.

Step 2: Building with an audience engagement strategy in mind and with best practices for searchability and engagement in focus.

From the start, your site will be design with your audience and future audience in mind. There are a million ways to design things, but using our experience and your story, we will craft your website to match your audience's expectations. There's a lot that goes into how people will use your website. There's even more that goes into how a search engine will index your website. These things cannot be an afterthought.

We will begin by examining your business and help you identify your keywords for search results and exposure. You should identify your target markets and build to meet them as a result when they are looking for what you can provide. This is the beginning of Search Engine Optimization and Management that we will focus more on in step 4.

We will want to focus on making sure your website is seen as an authority for your market. This will help your exposure in search results. One of the most important parts of this step is making sure that you site is original, focused, well designed, and full of information about your area. There is a good amount of writing that goes into this process, and we are here to help you along the way.

Your site will be designed from the start to be responsive. This means it will be designed to look great on any screen size, in any orientation, and on any device. We will take the time to integrate your branding, or help you develop it if you haven't yet, and integrate everything into your new website. You will receive links to watch us build your site and provide feedback along the way. When everything looks great, we'll be ready to launch!

Step 3: Bringing together the art and the data to launch a beautiful and targeted website.

The combination of data-driven decisions and design perfectly compliment the authenticity and honesty of original produced media for your website, produces an outstanding starting point to grow your business, brand, and audience.

We work on a timeline that suits your needs. Some clients need things done as quickly as possible, and others take a more relaxed approach. In either case, we will meet you where your needs are and partner right alongside you. We can move at your pace, and you'll never be just another client that we will "get to" at ROOM 116.

We will help create Open Graph data (think social network sharing information) and media so that when your site is shared, it looks great even in a preview. An example of this could be when you share a website in an iMessage. When you share that website, a properly designed site should give your recipient a great website preview in the message and also some detail or a small pitch included. These are the types of details we will make sure are done right and done on-brand.

Now that everything looks great, it's time to connect your domain name (your website address) to your new site. This is a simple change that just replaces the website your address is pointing to. You will not have to worry about changing your site address on your materials. The only thing that changes is that you now have a fantastic site to show off!

To put it simply:


We will meet together and plan our approach. We listen first, and then we will help put together a strategy. It's important that we get a feel for your brand and your vibe.


We will begin to build your site. We will schedule times to shoot both photos and videos for your site and your marketing. Your site will be built to match your brand.


Once we connect your domain name (website address) you'll be live for all to see. Take a breath and take it in. Next we will prepare your push and your SEO/SEM strategy.


Step 4 never really ends for us at McGinnis Made. Search engines are always changing their approach, and we stay right along with them. This is perhaps the most important part of our process.

We have amazing partners that do amazing work.

We are here to help you grow, tell your story, and engage with your audience.

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Your website will be responsive & beautiful.

Pricing designed around you.

We don't push you into packages or try and provide you with things that you may not need. We build specifically for you and custom design everything around your needs.

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We know how to meet you where you are in your journey to build, strengthen, or redesign your brand. With unique and custom designed solutions, we will meet you where you are and get you to where you want to go.